I started my creative life at an early age, drawing pictures and writing poetry from grade through undergraduate school. In 1998 I took a class called “Desktop Publishing.” (Remember Quark Xpress, y’all?) I was immediately hooked. Words and art combined! Give me more! As a designer I’ve worked myriad of environments, from a small boutique design firm, to non-profit, to higher, to international digital advertising agency.

Throughout my work life I always was running freelance projects on the side, and dreaming about my own business. In 2010 I made the leap to begin working for myself as a freelancer, and officially launched Germinate Creative in 2013.

As someone who loves to dig right in and get my hands dirty, I love spending time outdoors biking and gardening. I do my best to keep the wacky world of entrepreneurship, deadlines, and personal life in balance by getting to yoga and being as silly as possible And eating. A lot. Seriously, let’s go to lunch. In work, as in life, I’m driven by joy, creativity, and a sense of purpose. I’m literally driven by a Surly Long Haul Trucker, which probably has clocked 20,000 miles in 7 years.

I happily live in Portland, Oregon with Tim, my partner in creativity and snow sports, and Nina, our constantly boisterous and chatty kiddo.