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(Replay) WEBINAR: How The San Francisco Foundation Revamped Internal Communications (Internal Comms Part 2)


This event has ended.

In part two of this Network webinar series focused on the building blocks and best practices for internal communications at foundations and nonprofits, we’ve invited Rachel Benditt and Valerie Goode of the San Francisco Foundation to join Jenni Field, author of Influential Internal Communication, to discuss lessons learned from their foundation’s journey to make their internal communications more engaging, equity-centered, and fun.

Rachel and Valerie will share how the comms team at San Francisco Foundation worked in collaboration with their CEO and HR department to transform internal staff meetings and staff engagement. Turning San Francisco Foundation’s mission of equity and inclusion inward, Rachel and Valerie will reflect on how internal comms is helping advance the organization’s external and internal equity goals.

We’ll Explore:

  • How the comms team collaborated with the organization’s leadership to more strategically engage staff through internal communications
  • How internal comms helped with the organization’s substantial growth while working remotely due to COVID
  • How San Francisco Foundation used their mission and values to reflect internal practices


Rachel Benditt

Director of Communications and Narrative Strategy San Francisco Foundation


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