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ComNetworkNY: BYOB (Bring Your Own Bagels) “Yearporium” Planning Summit!

ComNetLOCAL Event

As we look to the year ahead, where can ComNetwork NY add the most value? And what do we want the experience to be?

The local chapters of The Communications Network serve as a place to build connections, share experiences, strategize, and learn together. How we do that has changed dramatically in the virtual environment and, as many of us now go hybrid, we’ll need to evolve new ways of interacting to fulfill our goals. Trending topics, career development, skills, and community-building activities are all on the table – and it is imperative that we hear from you!

This interactive, fun (polling! breakouts!) BYOB will lay the groundwork for 2021-22 as we discuss:

  • Whether and when to add in person events
  • Formats and structure for our monthly virtual sessions (game nights, anyone?)
  • Topics for consideration and areas of exploration
  • Who we’d like to hear from (sectors, individuals, organizations)

Even if you don’t think you have ideas to share, we’d love to get your input on others’ ideas!

For more information, visit the ComNetworkNY website


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