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ComNetworkDETROIT: Visual Communications: Why & how to incorporate into your strategy

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In 1918, a savvy ad writer proclaimed, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

In 1981, the Tom Tom Club asked, “What are words worth? While they hold importance, we’ve never been able to quantify their impact so resolutely.
Nevertheless, the art and science of communicating and influencing through imagery are often overlooked in our field. Unless that is, it happens to be your forte.

On Wednesday, December 16 from 2-3 pm ComNetwork Detroit will gather around our video screens to chat with three locals who are dedicated to inspiring and influencing people through different forms of visual communication:

Andy Kopietz is principal of Good Done Daily. Andy helps philanthropic, nonprofit, cultural, and civic organizations throughout Detroit and Southeast Michigan move their social missions through visual communication. Through Good Done Daily, he and his team create identities, websites, information graphics, way-finding, books, and objects aimed to advance society and organizations alike.

Melina Anderson is owner of Studio M Detroit, an event design and production studio that produces events of all sizes that audiences remember. She served as creative director and event producer for Design Core Detroit for nine years, planning and producing over 500 events the city of Detroit; executing experiential brand activations; leading the vision, strategy, and structure of the Detroit Design Festival; and leading the design team responsible for creating décor, marketing, and sponsorship materials.

Amy Sacka is a documentary photographer who is passionate about celebrating the beauty of people and culture, particularly in Detroit and the Midwest. She is a National Geographic Explorer, a two-time National Geographic grantee and a Top 50 Critical Mass photographer.

As communicators, we are always looking to grab people’s attention and inspire them to take an action. We cannot forget that design and imagery are critical tools. This casually moderated conversation will give you new ideas and approaches to incorporate visual communications into your communication strategies.

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