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Storytelling for Good

Our brains are wired to take in and preserve stories.

So how do you tell stories well?

Today, there’s an ever-growing list of platforms and content strategies elbowing for space on an already-crowded stage. There have never been more ways to reach an audience, but it’s harder than ever to really get their attention.

Enter Storytelling for Good.

So, how does it work?

You can choose to Learn or Explore.

If you choose to Learn, you can start with bite-sized interactive lessons centered on

If you’d rather Explore, you can browse a wide selection of How To guides focused on sharing stories on platforms ranging from Facebook to Email, or you can dive into Articles that share storytelling best practices or real life case studies showcasing examples of storytelling done right.

Stories change behaviors. And by extension, that means stories can change lives and help social sector organizations achieve real, meaningful progress.

Storytelling for Good Webinar Series:

Storytelling for Good was designed by Hattaway Communications and Threespot with the support of The Rockefeller Foundation with you, a foundation or nonprofit leader, in mind.


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