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Looking for Help to Build Your Grantees’ Communications Capacity?

Looking for some tips on how to help your grantees be more effective communicators? Spitfire Communications has summarized lessons it has learned doing this work over the years and published them in a guide, Creating a Foursquare Communications Platform: Easy Steps to Build the Communications Capacity  of Your Grantees. 

As Kristen Grimm, Spitfire’s president notes, helping grantees become better communicators “is the smartest investment you can make.” Adds Grimm: “Nonprofits cannot create an impact on the issues you fund – or support your theory of change – if they aren’t able to effectively communicate about their programs. When done right, the capacity building not only benefits the individual grantee – it also supports the entire field.” Among the resources recommended is Are We There Yet? A Communications Evaluation Guide, that was created by Asibey Consulting for the Communications Network.

Click here to download Creating a Foursquare Communications Platform.


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