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Home Is Here: How DACA Recipients Shaped Their Own Narrative

Over the last decade, undocumented young people have been a driving force in changing the way Americans view immigrants, and this session focuses on a specific case study that will lift up the learnings of one of the biggest campaigns of the immigrant rights movement during the Trump administration.

Too often we don’t take time to pause, reflect and celebrate our wins. In this session, we do just that. Over the last decade, United We Dream, the largest immigrant youth organization in the United States, has trained hundreds of thousands of immigrant young people to use their stories to advocate for justice and dignity for immigrant communities. Ahead of a crucial and consequential November 2019 Supreme Court hearing of the DACA case, United We Dream captured and elevated the stories of DACA recipients to create the narrative that for immigrant youth Home Is Here. This resulted not only in a first-of-its kind storytelling video amicus brief, but a Supreme Court victory that protected over 700,000 undocumented young people, many living in the U.S. since childhood.

United We Dream’s Bruna Sollod and José Alonso Muñoz will review the key strategies designed and deployed to showcase this unprecedented storytelling framing effort, which combined owned content and earned media to show the Supreme Court and the American people the stakes of the DACA decision on hundreds of thousands of young people. Participants will be able to learn how to craft messaging with intentionality, authenticity and solidarity to spur and motivate even the trickiest of audiences.

Below, watch the video or listen to the podcast.




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