Stephan Sylvan

Director of Energy Star Communications Environmental Protection Agency

Stephan is a leader in sustainability at the federal and local levels. He has a track record in developing, managing, and scaling successful initiatives that drive transformation in sustainable products, purchasing, transportation, and branding.

He launched and managed ENERGY STAR Home Electronics, one of the earliest and most successful components of the ENERGY STAR program. He directed an integrated, national campaign that helped turn ENERGY STAR into one of the most influential sustainability brands. He served as the ENERGY STAR Director of Communications for nearly five years. 

Stephan played a major role in launching several EPA programs, including SmartWay and Water Sense. He co-founded the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Initiative and played leadership roles in launching and growing several NGOs. 

Previously Stephan served as Deputy Associate Director for Sustainable Manufacturing in the White House Council of Environmental Quality and as EPA’s Partnership Programs Coordinator responsible for coordinating EPA $120 million, 400 FTE investment in 50 partnership programs at that time.