Minna Jung

Vice President of Communications Earthjustice
The Communications Network gave me a platform to connect to talented, passionate people who understand how effective communication strategies can make a big difference to the big social causes of our time. And a bonus: Network members are super fun to hang out with, too.

Minna Jung, J.D., is Vice President of Communications at Earthjustice, the leading nonprofit law firm for environmental causes

In this role, she oversees all communications for Earthjustice, which works on hundreds of critical cases involving issues of climate change, clean energy, healthy communities and preserving the wild and combines the power of the law with smart advocacy and communications.

Prior to joining Earthjustice in June 2015, Minna served a brief but fruitful stint at Environmental Defense Fund as the California Communications Director, focused on climate and energy issues in the state. The Environmental Defense Fund position marked Minna’s transition from almost a decade and a half working in philanthropy. She led communications for the David and Lucile Packard Foundation for from 2010 – 2014, and before that, worked for almost a decade at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. While at Packard, Minna led efforts to build the capacity of the organization to communicate internally and externally about the organization’s work and areas of focus. At the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Minna worked on strategic communications for a range of issues, such as health care coverage for uninsured Americans, healthy aging, and racial and ethnic health care disparities.  She also led efforts to engage and inform federal policy-makers, and contributed to numerous special projects at the Foundation, such as an effort to establish organization-wide branding guidelines.

Before coming to RWJF, Minna was a communications consultant for various foundations and nonprofit organizations and worked as a communications associate at the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation in New York City. Earlier, she was a program planner and special assistant at a nonprofit organization in New York City that offered alternative sentences for misdemeanor and felony offenders.

She is the current board chair of the Communications Network, a membership organization for communications professionals working in the social sector. A published children’s book author, she began her career in publishing as a barely paid editorial assistant. She is a proud graduate of Brown University and a somewhat sheepish graduate of Fordham University School of Law, since she passed the New York State Bar and then proceeded to never practice law for a day in her life.

Minna has written more communications plans, message platforms, blog posts, and memos than she cares to remember, and has also designed and facilitated many meetings, conferences, retreats, and trainings. She has finally come to accept her peculiar talent for writing parody songs, role-play skits, and devising ice-breaker exercises that don’t involve animal noises.  A chronic over-sharer by nature, Minna is always ready to talk about her family, food, politics, and celebrity gossip.