Stories, and the telling of them, snake through Kimberly’s entire life. Over more than two decades, her journey has taken her from journalism to philanthropy and now, to Hedgebrook. Beginning as an editorial assistant and working her way from staff writer to parachute journalist to investigative reporter and foreign correspondent, roles at the Associated Press, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Baltimore Sun and Oregonian placed her feet on the trail of a pair of mass murderers, atop earthquake rubble and outside the tranquil blue doors of a suicide bomber. Kimberly’s goal was always clear: to amplify the voices of those most often silenced, to partner collaboratively and to leverage a bone-deep commitment to racial equity, gender equity and social justice. When not at her desk, you might find Kimberly visibly mending things, watching French crime shows online, sort of learning Italian, baking the chewiest oatmeal cookies, writing fiction, playing with her middle-aged dog Hildy or, when it is again possible, traveling with wonder on her face. She splits her time between Whidbey Island and Portland, Ore.