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Natalie Fotias

Communications Officer at The Skillman Foundation

Best career advice you ever got?  

The moment you think you’ve made it, you’re ready to be shown the door (never stop putting in maximum effort).

Favorite thing about your job?  

Working alongside people that care deeply about children and community.

What would you be doing if not this?

Screenwriting bizarre dark comedies.

What’s something work related that keeps you up at night?  

Searching for the downtime needed to think creatively.

Most memorable Communications Network Experience?

Charles Blow in Detroit.

Your most overused word or phrase?  


Best thing you’ve read/watched/listened to recently?

Handmaid’s Tale

Guilty Pleasure?


How do you define success?

Finding fulfillment in your work and continuing to learn and grow professionally.

Most important thing you’ve learned in the last five years?

Never stop reinventing. Do the work in new and different ways, and always question what the work should be.

What are you most interested in learning from your colleagues in The Network — and what could folks learn from you?  

Interested in learning latest communication technologies and trends. Very interested in the cognitive science behind how people use and interpret language, form opinions and make decisions.

How has The Network been helpful to your work/your career? And why?

The Communications Network has grown my professional network locally as well as nationwide. The other “comms for good” professionals I’ve met have been of tremendous help and support as I learn from our shared experiences and challenges. And where our work and experiences differ, this has helped to inform and round out each others’ thinking and knowledge base.


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