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Rebrand RFP

Washington Environmental Council (WEC) and Washington Conservation Voters (WCV)

Seattle, Washington

Date Posted: 1/14/22

Washington Environmental Council (WEC) and Washington Conservation Voters (WCV) seeks bids for a consultant to lead a rebrand of the two brands (WEC and WCV) into a singular, unifying brand by a qualified branding and marketing firm. In the fall of 2020, both organizations completed their five-year strategic plans that articulate innovative mission, vision, values, and positions including an intention to unify the organizations’ separate brands into one. The budget for this project is $60,000 with eleven months of engagement from start of contract. Preference will be given to consulting agencies providing a broad range of services and experience with similar nonprofit programs, as well as women/people of color-owned agencies.

The consultant will work closely with communications staff, senior leadership, Board members, and the strategic plan implementation team to support the creation of a new brand strategy, brand platform, brand values and personality, visual identity and visual identity standards, as well as a playbook with brand messaging which can be used to train staff.

As two organizations engaging in transformation environmental policy and political work in Washington State, we have collectively reached a point in which we need to bring our two brands together for the next chapter of our work. The staff and boards of both organizations have been integrated for several years. This project is designed to help align our brands with how the organizations function.

About The Organizations

Washington Environmental Council (WEC) is a nonprofit, statewide advocacy organization. For over 50 years, WEC has brought people together to solve Washington’s most critical environmental issues. WEC builds power for the environmental movement by building partnerships, mobilizing the public, connecting voters to decision makers, and taking legal action. Our mission is to develop, advocate, and defend policies that ensure environmental progress and justice by centering and amplifying the voices of the most impacted communities.

Washington Conservation Voters (WCV) ensures Washington’s decision makers keep our environment protected, healthy, and vibrant. Over the last 35 years, we have elected environmental champions, held our elected leaders to the highest standard, and built statewide momentum for environmental campaigns through innovative voter outreach efforts and community organizing. WCV’s mission is advocate for environmental progress and justice through actions that mobilize the public, elect champions for the environment, and hold our leaders accountable.



Anticipated Selection Scheduled & Timeline

  • RFP issued: 1/7/2022
  • Intent to bid: 1/17/2022 (via an e-mail to
  • Submission of questions due: 1/17/2022
  • Questions Answered: 1/20/2022
  • Proposals Due: 2/3/2022
  • Selected Contractor: 2/14/2022

Work can begin immediately. The selected agency/firm will receive a contract that runs until the project is complete. Mutually agreed upon deliverables must be completed by July 31, 2022. The remainder of the work must be completed by February 1, 2023.


Scope of Work

WEC and WCV are interested in the following work for our rebrand into a singular, unifying brand project:

  • Stakeholder Involvement: Create a strategy for and support implementation of a stakeholder involvement process that includes interfacing with members of the staff, board, and key stakeholders to garner input and buy-in throughout the re-branding process.
  • Brand Strategy: Develop a brand strategy that specifies the organization’s primary audiences, brand values, personality, value proposition, brand positioning and brand promise;
  • Naming: Create a new name and potential tagline for the singular organization. Recommendation should take into account the brand value and equity of the two existing names. We are also working with a separate consultant to support the legal component of this project and your involvement will be minimal but may/will include coordinating with that consultant.
  • Visual Standards: Establish a new visual identity for the organization and create a visual identity standards manual or brand book that governs the use of the identity;
  • Messaging: Develop a playbook with brand messaging and train staff on its use;
  • Training: Train staff and board on new brand and messaging (assume two-three training sessions).
  • Launch Recommendations: Provide high-level recommendations on a brand re-launch strategy.
  • Project Management: Serve as project manager for the entire project interfacing with one key staff member contact.


The selected agency/firm will provide deliverables in two phases.

  1. By July 31, 2022, provide name and logo
  2. By February 1, 2023, provide brand identity documents, including audience, values, promise, colors, and style guide


Proposal Qualification Requirements

Please include the following in your proposal

  • Company profile
    • Agency/Contractor name, point of contact, address, phone, email
    • Statement of ownership
    • List of subcontractors, if applicable.
  • Qualifications
    • Provide a brief description of your firm, including its
      • founding and history;
      • number of employees;
      • service areas; and,
      • awards or other forms of recognition
    • Describe the elements of a successful client-agency relationship for a project like this.
    • Special consideration: describe your experience with and knowledge of the environmental justice and environmental movement space work among your firm’s personnel
  • Experience and ability to perform this work
    • Describe the approach your firm would undertake to successfully complete the tasks described in the Scope of Work. Please include activities for each task, expected deliverables and a project timeline.
    • Provide at least three examples of relevant work and / or case studies. Indicate which of your proposed staff worked on these case studies and what their role was on the project.
    • Provide a minimum of three (3) client references
    • Provide a list of personnel who would be assigned to this work, along with their role, credentials and experience.
  • Pricing
    • Provide a schedule of fees for all relevant services described in the Scope of Work. Also indicate any expenses required to complete the work and mark-up charged on expenses (if any).
    • If your agency offers a discounted rate toward nonprofits, please include this information in your proposal.
  • WMBE firms are strongly encouraged to apply
  • Please follow exactly the requirements for the responses noted above. It is the responsibility of the bidders to provide all required materials in the required form and format. Responses that are not in the required form and format will not be considered.

How To Apply

Please submit questions and proposals to Zachary DeWolf (Communications Director, Washington Environmental Council/Washington Conservation Voters),, with the subject line “WEC WCV Rebrand Consulting”

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