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Campaigns Manager



Date Posted: 11/04/2022

A new, national nonprofit dedicated to advancing an ambitious vision for American offshore wind  is hiring a Campaigns Manager. The Campaigns Manager will lead campaigns, including our  robust strategic communications initiative, to support the organization’s advocacy to increase  federal and state ambition for offshore wind energy and advance the policies and projects  needed to maximize the many benefits this essential climate solution can deliver. 

Candidates who are BIPOC, women, and LGBTQIA+ are warmly encouraged to apply.

About Us 

Created in 2022, this new nonprofit is dedicated to advancing an ambitious vision for American  offshore wind power that meets today’s climate, economic, equity, and environmental  challenges. We aim to create durable momentum for policies and projects that significantly  expand offshore wind generation, deliver benefits to workers and communities, and protect  marine and coastal resources. We are a philanthropy-funded, national organization working  collaboratively with climate change, labor, community, and wildlife conservation organizations to  ensure a successful trajectory for offshore wind development in the U.S.  

We are an independent operating project of the umbrella organization, Multiplier, a nationally  recognized nonprofit with a growing portfolio of innovative initiatives that conserve and protect a  sustainable and resilient world ( Our organization is publicly launching later  this month; if you would like to learn more about us please send an email to request more  information.  

Position Summary 

The Campaigns Manager will lead the organization’s pro-offshore wind advocacy efforts,  working with the organization’s many partners to advance collaborative campaigns in support of  policies and actions that can maximize offshore wind deployment, benefits for communities and  workers, and protections for marine and coastal resources. 

The Campaigns Manager will manage our Advocacy and Communications efforts, including developing and leading strategies to elevate broad and diverse voices of support for offshore  wind and highlighting the many benefits it can deliver across multiple media platforms. The  Campaigns Manager will play an important role in developing the organization, working with a  small team committed to building a collaborative and effective organization at this big moment in  America’s offshore wind story. The Campaigns Manager will report to the Senior Director of  Strategy and Advocacy.  

Primary responsibilities: 

  • Manage all aspects of our Campaigns, including: setting collaborative goals and developing and leading effective advocacy and communications strategies to reach them. 
  • Coordinate with the Senior Director of Strategy and Advocacy, the Policy and Research Manager, and external partners to develop our Agenda and establish priority Campaigns to achieve near and longer term outcomes. 
  • Develop and lead the implementation of a national, complex communications strategy, including: collaborating with our partners across the country to elevate a positive narrative across traditional and social media platforms; developing and deploying  creative communications content (written, graphic, and video) and campaigns; managing  the expansion of our website to ensure valuable, timely content for offshore wind  advocates; overseeing day to day communications activities (both proactive and rapid  response); and serving as Point of Contact for communications consultants and/or  vendors. 
  • Work directly with our partners to execute collaborative Campaigns, including advancing organizing and communications initiatives and tactics in support of offshore wind projects and related federal, state, and local policies. 
  • Represent the organization across a variety of venues, including: engaging with the organization’s partners and other advisors; attending ad hoc and regular meetings convened by offshore wind partners; and participating in a range of offshore wind  advocacy coalition tables.  
  • Support our organizational priorities, including contributing to grant proposal and report  development and impact evaluation and learning, as needed. 

Specific experience requested: 

We recognize that each applicant for this role will bring unique skills, knowledge, experiences,  and background to this position. We welcome diverse experiences and perspectives in our  applicant pool, and will be looking for candidates who possess many, but not necessarily all, of  the following qualifications and experience: 

  • Expertise in campaign management, communications, and organizing strategies related  to federal and/or state policymaking processes. 
  • Ideally 5+ years of related experience  
  • Track record of engagement in advocacy campaigns, including: defining outcomes,  developing a clear theory of change, and executing successful strategies to win the  support of decision makers and mobilize key constituencies. 
  • Strong interpersonal skills, including demonstrated equity competencies and experience  working successfully across sectors with a range of advocacy and/or community  organizations. 
  • Self-starter with the ability to think strategically and carry out responsibilities in an  effective manner. 
  • Strong personal organization skills and attention to detail; ability to manage multiple  priorities and deadlines concurrently and respond quickly to changing dynamics.  
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively in writing and verbally to different  audiences in both internal (e.g., campaign plans, strategy documents) and external (e.g.,  press statements, online content) forums. 
  • Demonstrated interest in public interest advocacy.

Salary, benefits, and working conditions: 

Multiplier provides a comprehensive compensation package, including competitive salary  ($85,000 to $95,000, depending on experience), plus excellent medical and dental benefits,  retirement savings, and generous vacation and sick leave policy. 

This is a full-time, remote position, preferably based in the Washington DC metro area. Some  travel will be required. We will follow CDC COVID-19 guidelines. 

Multiplier and our organization celebrate diversity and are committed to building teams and  partnerships that represent a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills and provide an  environment of mutual respect that is free from discrimination and harassment. We prohibit  discrimination in our governance, programs and activities on the basis of race, color, national  origin, age, disability, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information,  political beliefs, reprisal, marital status, amnesty, status as a covered veteran, because all or  part of an individual’s income is derived from public assistance, or for any other non-merit based  factor.  

How to apply: 

To apply, please email with “Campaigns Manager” in the subject  line. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. First screening will occur on  November 14, 2022. Please provide a resume and cover letter in your application materials  including the following: 

  1. Your interest in the position and connection to our mission. 

Mission statement: We are an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to  advancing an ambitious vision for American offshore wind power that meets today’s  climate, economic, equity and environmental challenges. We aim to create durable  momentum for policies and projects that significantly expand offshore wind, deliver  benefits to workers and communities, and protect marine and coastal resources. 

  1. Please share your experience and approach in working with a range of voices to find  common ground. 
  2. Your salary requirements.  

We respectfully request no follow-up calls or emails.

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