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When Foundation Program Staff “Get” It

We know program and communications staff don’t always think alike or “speak the same language.” We’ve heard some program folks say it’s their job to make grants, not get the message out. When it’s time to communicate, then they’ll bring the communications staff into the discussion. Or, program staff may decide to venture off into the world of communications on their own.

They “Get” It from The Communications Network on Vimeo.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. At the Annie E. Casey Foundation, we have a story to tell about what happens when program staff not only ‘get’ it, but they’re practically evangelical in their zeal about why communications is key to accomplishing the foundation’s overall goals.

The program is KIDS COUNT, Casey’s national and state-by-state effort to track the status of children in the United States. A key goal of KIDS COUNT is to enrich local, state, and national discussions of ways to secure better futures for all children.

While Casey’s Communications team guides our national outreach efforts, KIDS COUNT program staff Laura Speer and Don Crary–as they discuss in the video that follows–have been working to equip their grantees across the nation with the tools they need to deliver the message at a local level as only they know how.

The video also shows, we didn’t have to convince, bribe, or coerce our colleagues into doing it.

They just ‘get’ it.


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