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When Everybody Equals Nobody

When you are trying to reach everybody are you reaching anybody?

That’s the question Regan Gruber Moffitt (@ReganGMoffitt) of the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation asks in the latest video in our Zero to Ninety series.

Moffitt, the foundation’s senior associate for public policy, says that to move people to action, and “not just persuade,” you need to know “who you are trying to reach” so “what you say and how you say it speaks directly to them.”

Listen to what Regan has to say. She’s speaking to you.

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Regan recommends:


In addition to the helpful information on the Communications Network website, I rely on resources on NTEN’s website.



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Smart Chart 3.0: An Interactive Tool to Help Nonprofits Make Smart Communications Choices  It forces the user to dig beneath the “general public. ”

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