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Want to Make Sure Your Research Gets Used? Here Are Some Great Tips.

In a post a few weeks ago, I wrote how the nonprofit sector was increasingly relying on new forms of digital distribution to “put valuable knowledge in the hands of more people who can learn from, act on, even build on it.” In writing that post, I neglected to mention IssueLab, which serves as a terrific distribution platform for all sorts of useful nonprofit research.

Not only do I want to use this opportunity to make up for that omission, I also want to point out a terrific piece on the site’s blog, written by Luise Barnikel, Marketing Associate, about how to make your “research more valuable.”

Among the suggestions:

Make your research usable, and re-usable — specifically choose “copyright options that also allow your audience to use the information in a wide variety of ways and even build upon it to create original research.”  For example, a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License.

Leave Them Asking for More — Give some thought to the abstract so that it says just enough – somewhere between making it a “cliffhanger and information overload” so people will want to read the full document.

Get the facts out there — Use all the available online venues to call attention to the report. In particular “extract short phrases, quotes, and statistics” to create micro-blog posts or Twitter Tweets, and include a link back to the full document.

Great stuff…and hopefully this brief summary left you ready for more.

–Bruce Trachtenberg


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