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This Is Not An Annual Report

At first glance you might mistake the James Irvine Foundation’s 2011 Performance Report as just another annual report.  But don’t be fooled.  According to Daniel Silverman, the foundation’s director of communications, it’s more than that. “While it includes many of the features of a traditional foundation annual report, our aim with this publication is to go beyond that approach and give you a deeper look at the Foundation’s progress toward its long-term goals.”

The Irvine report, which this year is available in a new online format, “is based on the Annual Performance Report that we make each year to Irvine’s Board of Directors as a way to measure our impact and hold ourselves accountable,” says Silverman.  “It examines the progress we’re seeing in our core grantmaking programs, as well as other areas that we believe contribute to our impact as an institution. If you’re interested in reading this longer, more detailed document, it is available on our website.”

Silverman said this year’s online format was designed to be “more inviting and accessible to our readers.”  Among the features: a Program Impact section, which offers highlights of key developments in each of the foundation’s grantmaking programs and Special Initiatives. The Leadership section describes ways “we have used Irvine’s voice to enhance the work we’re supporting through grants,” Silverman adds.  The report also looks at Irvine’s financial and organizational health using a variety of quantitative measures.

Silverman says Irvine’s online report “represents the latest evolution in our approach to reporting on our impact. In that sense, it is a work in progress.” Anyone with comments or suggestions for improvement is invited to email Silverman.


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