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The Art and Science of Storytelling (VIDEO)

As communications professionals, storytelling is what we do. We do it because it is one of the best ways to evoke an emotional connection to an abstract issue – to put a human face on the messages we convey. However, it’s how the story is framed that matters. Studies in neuroscience and psychology show that while stories can evoke a quick emotional response, carefully framed narratives that appeal to reason are also needed to inspire action.

To help people understand this new research and learn more about how to use it in their communications practice we recently held a webinar, The Art and Science of Storytelling. (Replay available below.)

Doug Hattaway, president, RJ Bee, vice president and Tess Hart, associate, all of Hattaway Communications, led an hour-long presentation focused on the cognitive psychology and neuroscience behind good storytelling. They also showed models for putting this research into action. Watch the replay below to learn:

  • Insights from social and cognitive psychology about human decision-making and behavior
  • A simple, powerful narrative structure that will inspire and motivate your audience
  • How to apply lessons from science to create meaningful messages that further the mission of your organization

[vimeo url=”55898045″ title=”0″ fs=”0″ portrait=”0″]
We hope the research and ideas presented here will help you as you unlock the secrets of what makes a good story.

Please leave your comments and questions about the webinar below.


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