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Seeing is Believing: Data Visualization for Philanthropy (VIDEO)

Chances are good that your organization is sitting on a pile of data. How do you take those vital nuggets of information hidden in files and trapped behind your four walls and shape them in ways that help advance your organization’s work or mission? How might you mash it up with other data to create new knowledge? And how can you bring all of this to life through data visualization?

To provide answers to these questions, we recently held a webinar, Seeing is Believing: Data Visualization for Philanthropy (Replay available below.)

During the webinar, Lisa Philp, vice president for strategic philanthropy at the Foundation Center, spoke with our frequent host, Andy Goodman, director, The Goodman Center, about how you can turn your data into interactive charts, graphs and maps to inform key audiences about your organization’s work, its priority issues, how it’s allocating resources to solve problems — or identify solutions — and what’s being accomplished.

Watch the replay to see some powerful examples of how others are using data visualization to enhance their communications activities–from media relations to informing policymakers to supporting advocacy efforts.

[vimeo url=”58924825″ title=”0″ fs=”0″ portrait=”0″]


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