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Read All About It: Six Tips For Writing Persuasive Op-Eds

One of the reasons communicators like new media so much is because it lets us speak directly — and without filters — to audiences. But “old media” can sometimes play that role, too.  An example is the newspaper op-ed, which also allows you to state your case, argument or point-of-view on any number of topics and without anyone standing between you and your audience.

That said, not all op-eds are equal, and some stand out more than others.

The lead article in the current issue of free-range thinking, a monthly journal for public interest communicators that contains helpful how-to’s and best practices, and which is published by Communications Network member Andy Goodman, features a summary of practical tips for writing op-eds that get the job done.

Click here to download and read “Your Cause (in 600 words) Six tips for writing more persuasive op-eds.”


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