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Program and Communications – Making Good Things Happen Together (Video)

Michael Smith, SVP Social Innovation, the Case Foundation, admits he’s a convert to the benefits communications can bring to program work. As he says in this video, in his early days at the foundation, he thought his job was to create program strategy and then hand off his work to the communications team to think about what they can do with it.

Not so anymore.

Smith says his conversion came after seeing “the real benefits the communications team was bringing to the work we were doing.” While Smith acknowledges his views may not be shared widely by foundation program staff, he firmly believes that by pressing the point, communications professionals can ultimately demonstrate to their program colleagues that there’s much they can do to enhance and support their work.

Maybe one way to make that case is to play this video for them.

Progam and Communications – Making Good Things Happen Together from The Communications Network on Vimeo.

Video: Susan Herr, PhilanthroMedia


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