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New Rules for Creating Content
in the Digital Age (VIDEO)

Here are the new rules communicators need to live by in the digital age: Keep it simple. Make it accessible. Get it done fast.

In the first of two videos that follow, Communications Network member and digital media consultant, Jai Sen of Sen Associates, discusses how the rapidly changing ways people are consuming online content has many implications both for what we have to say and how we say it.

Creating Digital Content from The Communications Network on Vimeo.

In this second video, Sen reminds that online content needs to be simple and seamless to access across across a range of devices — desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Seamlessness and Simplicity Across Platforms from The Communications Network on Vimeo.

How do his suggestions, advice resonate with you? What have you seen or done that works?

Video production: Susan Herr, President, PhilanthroMedia


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