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How To Help Audiences Find You (VIDEO)

A recent post,  “But Wait, There’s More,” described how the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation relied on a combination of traditional media relations and online advertising (Google keywords and banner and Facebook ads) to drive traffic to its 2011 County Health Rankings, the foundation’s second annual report with the University of Wisconsin’s Population Health Institute on overall health of nearly every county in the nation  The main purpose of the online advertising was to keep interest in the website alive long after news about its launch began to fade.

In the video interview that follows, Michael Berman, senior vice president, of The Strategy Group, which designed RWJF’s online marketing strategy, talks with Communications Network contributor, Susan Herr, about how new digital technologies are creating opportunities to extend the “tail” of news and also reach and engage new audiences.  As he puts it, “A lot of people aren’t going to read the story on page A17 that you worked forever to get in the paper.  Let’s go find them when they are searching on a relevant  subject or reading a story about something similar.”

Berman doesn’t suggest these new approaches should replace tried and true communications strategies. However, when appropriate — and if the budget is available — they are worth considering for the extra value they provide.

Watch the video to learn more.


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