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Here’s How To Stop the Spread of Foundation Jargon

Have you ever been presented with a draft of a publication from one of your esteemed colleagues so littered with jargon and other obscure words and phrases that its meaning was completely obliterated? Did it read like an electronics manual translated from a foreign language? And despite the hours — even days — you spent explaining the virtue of clear and plain writing, did they insist that not even a word could be altered for fear it would undermine the importance of what they had to say?

If you’ve been in that position before, you are not alone. Jargon unfortunately is a fact of life at foundations and nonprofits.

But it can – and should — be stopped.

During thisrecent Communications Network webinar, Tony Proscio, the author of three volumes dedicated to exposing (and eradicating) jargon, talked with host, Andy Goodman, about why some people in foundations and nonprofits love jargon and resist efforts to stop using it.

In addition to pointing out some words commonly used for ill purposes, he discusses several techniques to help wean your colleagues from their dependence on “evasive and deceptive phrases” that damage their writing and speaking and harm your organization’s ability to be understood.

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