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Have a Problem That Needs Solving? These People Want to Help You (Part 2)

To give you a preview of our Group Therapy,” breakouts at our Fall 2011 Communications Network Conference, we’ve asked leaders of the individual sessions to say a few words about what they have planned and what you’ll get out of attending. Here is Part 2 of our session promos. Part 1 is here. (For a full list and descriptions of the Group Therapy sessions, click here.)

Doug Hattaway, president, Hattaway Communications: Winning Words: Changing hearts & minds begins with the right messagePlease note: Doug and Daniel Silverman of the Irvine Foundation, session leaders, invite people who are planning on attending the message workshop to suggest a tough issue for the group to tackle. Send your idea to Doug at

Christie McElhinney, vice president of communications & public affairs, The Colorado Trust: Achieving Kumbaya–How to more effectively and less painfully link communications and program within foundations

Laura Brahm, senior content strategist, Open Society Foundations: Plugging into the digital era

Julee Newberger, online communications associate, The Annie E. Casey FoundationMeasuring our reach in a digital world

Margaret Figley, communications officer, The New York State Health Foundation: Harnessing the social media monster

Dan Brady, communications manager, Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers: Culture Shift – Learning to act as a network 

For additional conference promo videos, click here.

This video series was filmed and edited by Susan Herr of PhilanthroMedia, and a regular Communications Network contributor.


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