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From the Dark Clouds/Silver Lining Department — Part 2

As we reported once before, the recession is providing access to communications opportunities that might not be as available, affordable, or more to the point, as strategic, in good times.

In the latest example, The New York Times, reports how one nonprofit, the New York CIty Atheists, stumbled on a advertising vehicle that previously would have busted their bank account.  According to the Times, for the past year, the group has been running affordable 12-foot-long banner advertisements on the sides of the city’s buses.

Along with the group’s straightforward and seemingly non-controverial message,You Don’t Have To Believe in God to Be A Moral or Ethical Person, the ads contain a website address so people can learn more about the organization, join or donate online.

In a normal business environment, running ads on the sides of buses would have cost the group between $50,000 to $100,000. But, because of the recession, New York City Atheists only spent about $10,000 on the campaign, and even got the banners printed at a deep discount.

The Times reports that “the ad campaign, scheduled to end this weekend, was a resounding success” resulting in a jump in donations and new members.

All goes to show, in bad times, as well as good, you have to have faith in your message and a good communications strategy.

–Bruce Trachtenberg


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