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Ford Foundation Seeks Questions, Not Answers

Ever wanted to know something about the Ford Foundation but didn’t know who to ask? Well, here’s your chance. Go here and complete the foundation’s Un-Survey.

The Un-Survey — “instead of us asking you questions, we want you to ask us” — invites people to ask anything at all about the foundation. All questions are fair game: How grant decisions are made?…What does success looks like for the foundation overall or by program?…What are the foundation’s employment policies? 

UnsurveyTo ask a question, and as many as you want, you simply complete and submit an online form.

The reason for the Un-Survey is that Ford is planning to build a new website and the foundation wants to be sure it contains information people want to know not just what it thinks they should know.

As questions are asked, they’re posted to the website so visitors can see the queries from other people. The foundation also invites visitors indicate which they think are the most important questions that others already have asked.

By the way–the foundation wants to be quizzed by as many people as possible. So, in addition to your questions, invite your friends and colleagues to take part.


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