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Content Is King — Again

Over the past 15 years, we have spent a great deal of time thinking about how to disseminate content.  Now it’s time to fundamentally rethink the nature of that content — considering communication approaches that weren’t possible before the advent of the Internet. 

That’s the claim Jeff Stanger makes during the course of his conversation with Communications Network contributor Susan Herr.  And that is why he has just launched the Center for Digital Information (CDI) which will help the research policy community take advantage of these opportunities.  Before creating the Center for Digital Information, Stanger was an award-winning Internet consultant for NetCampaign, a Washington, a web development and strategy firm. Prior to starting NetCampaign, Stanger was Washington Director of the Annenberg Public Policy Center.

Total running time is 31:39.  To view selected sections, use this guide to forward to the time indicated:

  • Site design, search engine optimization, and social media came first.  Now comes truly digital content. (1:10-3:38)
  • Characteristics of digital content and examples (3:38-9:44)
  • Not just data visualization or multimedia – it is fueled by live data and interactivity (9:44-19:30)
  • Center for Digital Information focusing on policy research content (19:30-24:29)
  • Institutional challenges to taking advantage of these approaches (24:29-27:05)
  • Gaining personal “fluency” with digital content (27:05-31:38)
Content is King — Again

In a video chat, Jeff Stanger of the Center for Digital Information says it’s time, again, to think more about content than how it is disseminated. View>>

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