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ComNet15 Recap: Ready Are You? Communications Jedi Training For Your Next Frontier

This presentation was given as a breakout session at ComNet15, The Communications Network’s 2015 Annual Conference. The presentation was led by Barr Foundation’s Stefan Lanfer, Milbank Memorial Fund’s Judith Zimmer, and Center for American Progress’s Daniella Leger.

Maybe you are a novice in the ways of the communications force, your most urgent task to liberate your organization from the swamps of skepticism and doubt about its potential. Maybe you have already earned your Jedi stripes, and are leading whole squadrons of communications pros in ambitious campaign for hearts and minds and to bring down death stars. Wherever you and your organization are on your path, when the forces for good call upon you to lead your organization into new frontiers of communications effectiveness, what do you do? What are the key questions to ask, steps to take, and pitfalls to avoid? And how do those questions, steps, and pitfalls change as you attain new levels of mastery in the communications Jedi Order?

Facilitated by three communications leaders from organizations at different points on this path, this presentation enables participants to explore these questions, and to identify guiding principles they can immediately put into practice.

You’ll learn:

  1. What the next step forward in communications practice and effectiveness at their organization can look like.
  2. Guiding principles and strategies for leading this change.
  3. Pitfalls to avoid.

Follow Stefan on Twitter at @stefanlanfer.


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