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ComNet15 Recap: Communication Apocalypse

This presentation was given by Spitfire Strategies’s Beth Kanter at ComNet15, The Communications Network’s 2015 annual conference. The presentation was part of the pre-conference workshop, Communications Apocalypse — How Will You Respond When Zombies Attack?

When disaster strikes, do you know how to react? Hiding under the covers won’t make it go away.  Whether the opposition is relentlessly attacking you, your executive director is arrested for embezzlement or a grantee is under fire for unethical behavior, having an adaptable crisis communication plan can help you respond to both anticipated and unexpected crises, prevent your organization from serious reputation damage and minimize political repercussions.

What You’ll Learn: 

All organizations need to know how to identify issues that can become a crisis and have the tools on hand to minimize these vulnerabilities. During this session, Beth Kanter of Spitfire shared lessons learned from the recent Planned Parenthood controversy and help participants refine their own crisis communications plan. Beth also discussed:

  1. The basic elements and questions to consider when developing a crisis communication plan;
  2. How to map out the crisis response protocol and outline what steps to take when crisis hits; and
  3. How to gear your messages to your most important audience rather than engaging in a heated debate with the opposition

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