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Communications Is About Listening Too: One Foundation CEO’s View

Before he became president of the Greater New Orleans Foundation last year, Albert Ruesga was a blogger at White Courtesy Telephone who rarely pulled punches when examining the work of organized philanthropy. In this episode, Communications Network Contributor Susan Herr picks Albert’s brain about the stumbling blocks CEO’s may have toward social media, and what you can do to reassure them.

Dr. Albert Ruesga joined the Greater New Orleans Foundation in January 2009. He served for seven years as Vice President for Programs and Communications at the Meyer Foundation in Washington, DC. Dr. Ruesga was the founding director of New Ventures in Philanthropy, a national initiative that has helped generate more than $500 million in new philanthropic resources against an investment of $14 million. Prior to serving at New Ventures, he was the Donor Resources Manager at the Boston Foundation.

Running time of this episode is 27 minutes. To view selected sections, use the guide below to forward to the time indicated:

  • Albert starts with the dark side of cyberspace (1:47-2:46)
  • Really, truly – why does a foundation need social media? (2:47-7:52)
  • Are foundation communications more like a funeral march or a party? (9:19-11:51)
  • Objections your CEO may have to social media 1(13:30-18:36)
  • What expectations we should have? (23:29-26:44)
Making The Sale For Social Media

Want to sell your CEO on using of social media?  In this video chat, Albert Ruesga, president of the Greater New Orleans Community Foundation offers suggestions.  View >>


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