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Communications Can Be a Tricky Business

Thanks to my friend Marc Fest, who oversees communications for the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, I’ve just learned a neat trick for how to remember names. I also got some great advice on how to create catchy “phrase domains” — like “” — when you want to increase the likelihood people will respond to invitations to see things you’ve posted online.

But wait…there’s more. At, a website he recently started, (how’s that for a snazzy name?), I also learned how to avoid ever listening to a voice mail message again, and instead get almost flawless transcriptions delivered to by email.

And the list goes on…and to see for yourself, visit the website.

Fest said he designed the site as a service to other communications professionals.  And while his desire is completely altruistic, he’s hoping the burden of coming up with other tricks for helping communications pros be
more effective at their work isn’t his alone. Instead, he wants this to be a community effort, and toward that end he’s inviting anyone with a trick or two up their sleeves to submit it.

As Fest says:

In our work, we all discover tricks, workarounds and inventive solutions for communicating more effectively. is for sharing these tricks with one another.

Fest says if you have an idea to submit as post, please contact him here. You can also follow his blog on Twitter and on Facebook.

Ok, everyone, let’s get to work and start pulling some rabbits out of our hats!

–Bruce Trachtenberg


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