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Changing the Dialogue on Your Issue: Data Makes It Doable (Video)

Grantees and advocates often say that the public dialogue about their issue hampers their ability to advance social change. In a recent Communications Network webinar, we explored analytical tools you can use to map the current dialogue about your issue, engage policymakers and influentials to change the dialogue, and evaluate the effectiveness of your efforts.

2014-01-13 09.33.49 am (2)

Doug Hattaway

2014-01-13 09.33.18 am (2)

Wendy Yaross








During the webinar, presenters Doug Hattaway, president, and Wendy Yaross, senior vice president for research, both of Hattaway Communications, cover the following topics:

  • What ideas dominate the dialogue about our issue?
  • Which individuals and organizations drive the conversation?
  • What strategies will steer the conversation in a positive direction?

To watch the replay, click the image below.

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