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Beyond Branding

When foundation communicators get together to talk about the work they do, branding is often a topic that dominates their conversation. But is the way most people understand and practice branding today still relevant or is it time for some new approaches? In this conversation, Chery Heller, president of Heller Communication Design and Communications Network Contributor Susan Herr, explore that question. Heller, an experienced strategist, writer and creative director, says that today — when everyone is a communicator and information is no longer top down but bottom up — branding is much more than just creating fancy images and logos, it’s also about behavior — what you and everyone in your organization does, says — and how they say it.

In addition to work with clients such as Reebok, Ford Motor Company, and the Girls Scouts of America, Heller is on the faculty of PopTech! Innovation Fellows, a program that helps high potential change agents from around the world develop the skills and gain access to tools to innovate areas like healthcare, energy, development, climate, education, and civic engagement, among many others. Heller also has developed and will chair a Masters Degree Program for the School of Visual Arts in New York on Design for Social Innovation.


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