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Be Careful What You Wish For

Guest Post: Grant Oliphant

A few weeks back I taped a “newsmakers” feature for our local cable provider. They scatter these spots throughout the day and rerun them numerous times, so it seemed like a good way to promote the Pittsburgh Promise, a city-wide scholarship program we are supporting.

For a while I received more positive comments about that one interview than I had for any other media appearance I had ever done. And then, the other day, the coup de grace: an administrative assistant in our office received a call from an older woman who didn’t identify herself.

“Is this where that Grant guy works?” the woman demanded.

“Yes,” said our staffer cautiously.

“Does he know he’s on my TV every half hour?’

“I’m not sure, ma’am. We don’t really control that.”

At which point the caller said, “Well, is there any way to get him offa there?”

It just goes to show: Even when the news is good, never, ever let this media stuff go to your head.

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