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Are You Crisis-Ready? (VIDEO)

In a perfect world we wouldn’t have to plan for crises. However, as we all know too well, most crises—such as financial mismanagement, executive misconduct, sexual discrimination or government investigations—strike without warning. The difference between heading off disaster or watching your organization drown in bad media and messaging is having a solid crisis communication plan that is ready to go in a moment’s notice.

Recently, we invited Ashley McCown, president of Solomon McCown & Company, to share her expertise in crisis management during a Communications Network webinar. McCown directs Solomon McCown’s Crisis Response Team and has developed dozens of crisis plans for non-profit organizations, corporations and institutions. During our webinar, she shared tips on creating a plan, avoiding common pitfalls and using social media to your organization’s advantage.
[vimeo url=”70440133″ title=”0″ fs=”0″ portrait=”0″]

We hope you find the webinar helpful. Please share your own crisis communications tips in the comments section below.


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