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8 Things You Can Do After Charlottesville

-Personally or as an organization — state or restate your values publicly and commit to calling out hate in all its forms wherever you encounter it: Write, blog, tweet, record, Snap, Instagram, Facebook Live it. Share what you see.

-Find or plan a solidarity vigil or event, or join a group near you. Gathering in person matters. Good resources to help include Indivisible Guide Show up and give what you can of your time and resources.

-Sign petitions to remove confederate symbols across the country and spur government action, like this one at Color Of Change.

-Enroll and encourage others to take a race equity training. Here’s one offered by Race Forward. The W.K. Kellogg Foundation has excellent resources here as does The Bridge at The Aspen Institute. We’ll be making this topic a major part of our conversation with Michele Norris at ComNet17.

-Learn more about hate groups in America by visiting the Southern Poverty Law Center.

-Review “Having Uncomfortable Conversations: A New Communications Imperative” from Anusha Alikhan at the Knight Foundation:…/having-uncomfortable-conversat…/

-Watch the Trabian Shorters conversation with Sean Gibbons. Trabian makes the case that the racial narratives that inform and guide lots of orgs committed to doing good are wrong:…/in-conversation-trabian-shorte…/

-Watch this new Vice News account of Charlottesville:…/vice-news-tonight-full-episode-char…


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