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Why Crowdsourcing Matters in Modern Communications


A growing number of foundations, nonprofits, government agencies, and social movements are exploring new ways to engage the people they serve as active participants in developing initiatives that meet the realities of their lives.

“Crowdsourcing” is one tool for engaging the people you serve in the work you do—whether it’s sharing information and ideas or funding exciting new ventures. But how can it help lift up the voices of those who often go unheard?

This webinar provides an overview of crowdsourcing and other “co-creation” techniques, and share lessons from the Our Tomorrow campaign that engaged people nationwide in a conversation about the future of the LGBT movement.

You’ll learn what works—and what doesn’t—in this type of campaign, including:

  • Tips for designing and executing a crowdsourcing campaign for a social cause
  • Techniques for engaging a diverse audience to participate in a campaign, such as using motivational profiles to engage people with different mindsets
  • How to use linguistic analysis as a research tool for communications and movement-building

Watch the replay below. For more information on the Our Tomorrow campaign, visit



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