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What Does Success Look Like? How to Measure Impact in Journalism (and More)


Note: This session is best-suited for people who work at foundations that invest in journalism/mediaNot you? Join us anyway, because you might still pick up a trick or two about media outreach and best practices.

If journalism is near and dear to you, we’ve got good news.

Foundations and nonprofits are increasingly partnering with news outlets to do more than just keep the lights on. Through strategic grantmaking to journalists, nonprofit news outlets, and newspapers, philanthropy is helping to build a more educated public in a crowded and competitive media environment.

Balancing editorial integrity while advancing foundation strategy requires thinking differently about how foundations source grants, manage grants, and measure grants. And even if you’re not a grantmaking organization, knowing best practices for media strategy and outreach can pay dividends.

To address the questions of “What’s success?” and “How will we know?”, the Walton Family Foundation recently teamed up with Lindsay Green Barber of Impact Architects to learn how best to apply its well-known learning and evaluation model to this body of grants that is growing in both size and impact.

In this Network webinar, we partner with the Walton Family Foundation and Impact Architects to give you detailed information and resources about:

  • The first questions you need to ask when considering grantmaking in this area
  • A clear process by which you can build metrics and evaluation systems that provide valuable insights for both the grantee and your organization
  • How consistent, quantitative measurement is possible
  • How to build metrics that use the best print, digital, social, and broadcast data available

The Walton Family Foundation will also provide some recent examples of grantmaking success in this area, in particular a story about how one three-year grant to a local newspaper resulted in a special New York Times section.

Watch the replay below.



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