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WEBINAR: The Science of Communicating to Busy People (Replay)


This event has ended (replay below).

On this webinar, we will learn the science of writing so busy people will read and understand our messages.

Everyone is busy. That’s why we skim our emails, texts, forms, and mail. We will learn the practical cognitive science, and the six principles it generates. In addition to increasing the effectiveness of our messages, these principles make our communications kinder by being more respectful of busy readers’ time.

Todd Rogers, who will lead this webinar, is a behavioral scientist and professor of public policy at Harvard Kennedy School.  He is an expert in the brain and cognitive science of communication. He has co-founded two communications-focused social enterprises. Analyst Institute partners with political and civic engagement organizations to improve voter communications. EveryDay Labs partners with school districts to reduce student absenteeism.

This session will:

  • lllustrate that we don’t carefully read practical communications (emails, texts, forms, and mail). We skim. This has surprising implications for how we should write.
  • Provide an actionable checklist for participants and their teams to be more effective writers.


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