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WEBINAR: The Nuances of Pitching to US Latino Media


You keep hearing that the Latino population is the largest ethnic group in the United States, but what does that actually mean, and what are the practical implications for someone trying to get their stories and work noticed by this influential and growing community?

For example, maybe you’re trying to add this demographic to your strategic plan or outreach efforts, but you’re not sure whether English or Spanish media is the better approach. Or, you’re not sure if your organization’s issue area is even of concern to this audience.

In this Network webinar, we’ll be joined by Julio Ricardo Varela, and Jared Lilly of Futuro Media, producer of In the Thick, Latino Rebels, and Latino USA, NPR’s only English-language national Latino news and cultural weekly radio program.

We will explore why pitching to news organizations that serve the Latino community needs to go beyond just offering press releases in Spanish.

You’ll learn:

  • What the U.S. Latino media landscape looks like in 2019
  • How the community consumes media
  • Why a “Spanish-language strategy” should be just a small part of your plan
  • How to apply these steps to your cause

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