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WEBINAR: How to Create and Communicate About Sustainable Events


If you’re a communications professional, chances are you put on events big and small throughout the year.

Every event has an environmental impact, from the individual level up to the collective whole. But no matter your event’s budget, there are simple, scalable measures you can take to make your events greener and more socially responsible.

Your events are also opportunities to illustrate sustainability in action and communicate your values. By modeling what a greener event looks like and communicating openly about what steps you’re taking, you can bring attendees along the sustainability journey. 

In this webinar, Amy Kelley and Catherine Plume, from (r)evolve, an organization committed to zero-waste and a full-circle economy; Ryanne Waters from U.S. Green Building Council; and Sara Patterson from Public Housing Authorities Directors Association will guide you through sustainability best practices for organizations and events of all shapes and sizes.

You’ll also learn about what we’ll be doing differently at ComNet19 to be more environmentally responsible.

You’ll learn:

  • What sustainable events look like and what goals you should establish up front.
  • A look at our sustainability efforts for ComNet19.
  • How to evaluate your event or organization’s sustainability efforts and how to start developing a comprehensive sustainability plan.



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