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WEBINAR: Integrated Communications in Times of Crisis: Lessons from Covid-19 Communications (Replay)


This event has ended (replay below).

Participants in this webinar will learn how to:

  • Use research to create data-driven messaging
  • Build robust networks and channels to drive uptake and gain insight
  • Identify opportunities to break down silos, and build bridges throughout an organization

Over the course of the last year, The Rockefeller Foundation has created a robust and integrated communications structure to respond rapidly yet strategically to the ever-changing communications needs related to the pandemic.

From ongoing communications research to tools tailored to the needs of public health communicators on the front lines, and creating robust peer networks to ensure that insights, success stories, and lessons learned have maximum reach, communications has been a core element across their programmatic and policy work.

In this webinar, we’ll be joined by The Rockefeller Foundation and Hattaway Communications to discuss why Rockefeller focused on communications in their response, how the program was executed both swiftly and strategically, and how they embedded communications deeply across all partners and programs.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels



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