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(Replay) WEBINAR: From Numbers to Narrative: Getting from Data to a Visual Story


Credit: ra2studio, Stock photo ID: 1087508446, Upload date: January 05, 2019, Categories: Stock Photos | Storytelling

This event has ended (replay below).

Engaging storytelling and visual communications are critical skills for foundation and nonprofit communicators. This is true of all communications, but is even more critical in data-driven storytelling. This Network webinar will help you think strategically about communicating with data and about the art and science of data visualization, which is central to this challenge. We’ll discuss the process you can follow to move from raw data to a visual presentation with impact.

We’ll explore:

  • Understanding the importance of basic data literacy for communicators and their audiences
  • Creating memorable and effective narratives from data
  • Research-based best practices for design and visualization



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