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WEBINAR: Five Golden Writing Rules for Comms Staff


Meandering writing makes your comms efforts ineffective, and worse, may cause people to tune out. No matter how worthy your message is, it won’t be heard unless you get to the point quickly and clearly.

Whether it’s among entry-level staff, the C suite, or anyone in between, clear and concise writing is critical to getting your messaging across efficiently and effectively.

In this webinar, veteran journalist and writing instructor Charles Babington, former White House correspondent for the AP and The Washington Post, will explain what makes for weak writing, and give you industry-tested methods to tighten and strengthen all of your messaging.

You’ll learn:

  • The five most common writing mistakes professionals make, and how to remedy them.
  • How to tune out insidious phrases that seep into our brains and gum up our writing.
  • Why our natural affinity for explanations and chronological order can hurt our writing.



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