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WEBINAR: ENERGY STAR’s Unconventional Approach to Building a Nonprofit Brand


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In this Network webinar, we’ll be joined by Stephan Sylvan, Communications Director at EPA‘s ENERGY STAR, to discuss how a little eco-label became one of the most influential sustainability brands. Stephan will talk about how an unconventional founding vision and outcome-focused partnership approach helped EPA‘s ENERGY STAR advance its mission to reduce more than $450 billion in energy consumption in the U.S. alone. Having launched several sustainability programs and NGOs, Stephan will share partnership and communications principles, strategies, and tactics applicable to foundation and nonprofit programs.

We’ll explore:

  • How EPA‘s ENERGY STAR program built strategic partnerships to transform an energy efficiency standard into an influential brand to promote sustainability
  • How the EPA used the “charismatic mega-product” strategy to build ENERGY STAR’s brand and influence
  • How the EPA “stole” strategies, tactics, technologies, and people from the private sector to leverage the influence of many of the world’s largest corporations in advancing its mission


Stephan Sylvan

Director of Energy Star Communications Environmental Protection Agency


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