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Brand Journalism that Builds the Business


A few years ago, the term “brand newsroom” may have sounded like an oxymoron. But in today’s media environment, organizations of all scopes and sizes would do well to find new ways to connect with audiences and simply be heard.

Coca-Cola did just that, launching Journey, a content platform that creates human-centric content that reinforces the company’s values, business, and brand. Considering 1.7 BILLION servings of Coke products are consumed every single day, they must be doing something right.

Coca-Cola’s Jenny Wilburn and Doug Busk join us for this webinar to discuss how they integrated journalistic practices into their strategic communications to transform the company’s corporate website into a storytelling engine to deliver content that makes a difference.

You’ll learn:

  • How a brand newsroom can help you engage with existing audiences and reach new ones
  • What building a brand newsroom at your org could look like
  • How internal comms can complement other channels
  • How to identify metrics that matter
  • How joining conversations, even with detractors or critics, can amplify your brand

A proactive and engaging brand strategy will help your organization tell deeper stories, connect with a wider audience, establish new dialogues, and shape narratives across any channel.

Watch the replay below.



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