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Virtual Roundtable: Rebuilding Better


This event has concluded.  Scroll down to find a full video replay.

Within the past six months, a global pandemic, racial injustices, and mass demonstrations have all revealed how delicate America is at its core.

Corporate, philanthropic, and nonprofit communities have joined forces to repair the breaches felt in many US communities. The outcries from the people have challenged us to consider next steps for eradicating systemic racism.

Together, we’ve managed to explore what it looks like to leverage our access and resource networks for the betterment of the communities we serve. But there’s much more that lies ahead.

On this Communications Network webinar, the folks at Elevate Energy and Public Narrative will help us navigate this moment. We’ll explore what we know about community building, who’s getting it right, and best practices for centering community voices.

We’ll cover:

  • How to connect with hard to reach and vulnerable populations, especially in the African American community
  • How to open doors and create pathways for new voices, especially among Black, Brown, and young women
  • How to rebuild better

Notes from the roundtable can be found here.



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