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Using Shared Values and Cognitive Science to Drive New Narratives


Certain ideas dominate the public conversation about what kind of country America is and what kind of people Americans are. These ideas often stand in the way of driving positive social change.

In other words, narratives matter.

In the context of communications, a narrative is an idea that is common in the culture, sounds like “common sense,” and frames public perceptions and attitudes. Certain narratives about people and society dominate public debate and can stand in the way of meaningful progress.

The team at Hattaway Communications has done extensive research into why certain narratives take hold, and what it takes to create and drive new ones.

In this webinar, Doug Hattaway will:

  • Explain the cognitive science that connects narrative, language and identity
  • Share research insights on the shared hopes and values of Americans that can motivate people to support your work
  • Offer key communications practices that drive new narratives

Watch the replay below.



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