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Using Big Data to Solve Communications Challenges


Narratives shape how we perceive the world and have a profound impact on organizations seeking to address pressing public issues. But how do you know which narratives define the discourse on a given topic? With people around the globe expressing narratives online in unprecedented volumes, there are new opportunities to better understand and influence opinion — if you know how to filter the signal from the noise.

Narrative Analytics leverages millions of data points in traditional and social media to decode people’s underlying narratives, map them at scale, and use them to inform strategy. Watch this webinar to learn more about this process and how to draw on the power of “big data” to address the communications challenges your organization faces.

Participants will learn about:

  • Techniques for quantifying the impact of a narrative
  • Different kinds of data and what they reveal about a narrative’s volume, “stickiness,” or representativeness
  • Evaluating foundation communication efforts through narrative monitoring

Watch the replay below.



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